Google’s HUD Glasses to Turn the World into Walking Robots

Google’s HUD Glasses to Turn the World into Robots

OK, so that title may have been a little extreme. But it almost feels like that! Google has created a new prototype titled Google’s HUD glasses. These glasses look like something a robot-human might wear and they provide new visual information that is sure to get people talking.

According to CNET, the first rumors concerning the HUD glasses started in December, 2011. HUD stands for wearable head-up displays (HUD). The glasses allow wearers to tap into Google’s cloud-based location services and provide information on the users’ surroundings. The information would then appear as an augmented reality computer display.

Google HUD Glasses
Google HUD Glasses

The glasses will come complete with a small front-facing camera that can not only take photos but also has a flash. HUD will also have, a “navigation system that is used by head-tilting to scroll and click, I/O for voice input and output, and CPU/RAM/storage hardware nearly equivalent to a generation-old Android smartphone.

The glasses visual display is reported to be only visible to one eye and located on the side of the glasses as not to obstruct vision. CNET reports that Apple, Recon Instruments and Motorola are also focusing on creating a wearable technology product similar to Google HUD glasses.

Most sources state that the Google HUD glasses are still very far from complete. But it has been rumored that the company will begin offering the product to testers soon. As social media marketers and SEO geeks, well be watching this story to see if we can optimize people’s websites for Google HUD glasses. 🙂  Note: we are only half joking…

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