Google Webmaster Tools Offers Users New ‘Security Issues’ Feature for User-Friendly Hacked Site Recovery

Google Webmaster Tools New ‘Security Issues’ Feature for Recovery

According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, verified site owners now have access to a new tool that ensures stress-free site recovery after being hacked with spam or malware. Security Issues, the new feature in Webmaster Tools, offers users an easy way to streamline the cleaning process involved in hacked site recovery. For any site owner who is surprised by malware and spam, this user-friendly solution is just what the doctor ordered.

Security Issues provides the following benefits:

New Google Webmaster Tools Security Issues feature makes cleaning up spam and malware easier.
New Google Webmaster Tools ‘Security Issues’ feature makes cleaning up spam and malware easier.

All detected malware and spam now available in one place. Security Issues provides one main page that lists the type of hacking, sample URLs, and the identified issue date. Google even offers additional information about the suspicious activity and provides direction to repair the site.

Users will now have access to detailed code snippets to help pinpoint the problem. When available, HTML and JavaScript code snippets, identified to be part of the hacked URLs, will be provided. This gives a site owner access to the suspicious code to make appropriate corrections.

Requesting a review for all the changes made on the site will now be easier. Once the user has identified and cleaned the issues, he or she can then request a review of the site from the same Security Issues page.


The Security Issues tool will be a benefit to all webmasters who are faced with spam and malware. Once again, Google listened to the webmaster community, provided an easy, user-friendly tool to solve what can be a very complex issue, and has taken significant steps to make the Internet a safe place for business.

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