SEO Inc and Our Clients Visit Google for a VIP Tour

Google for a VIP Tour

SEO Inc. had the distinct honor of visiting the one and only Googleplex for a VIP tour and high profile client meeting. Accompanying one of our PPC clients, we set foot upon Google’s HQ for a day of fun and business talk. (We treat those as the same around here!)

Our CEO, Garry Grant, and our Director of Paid Search, Jerrold Burke, headed up to Mountain View, CA bright and early on Thursday morning. Luckily, the thunderstorms from earlier in the week seem to have run their course, so the weather was beautiful and sunny.

Of course, we have our PPC client to thank for getting to share this experience. With our internet marketing help, they’ve successfully reached a level where they’ve grabbed even Google’s attention—and Google responded by pulling out all the stops for a VIP tour.

Check out this small photo gallery and see the fun that was had!

The Googleplex, Google's headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

The gorgeous and already-awake Google grounds.

SEO Inc.'s founder and CEO stands in front of the Googleplex, Google's headquarters.

Our CEO, Garry Grant, looking sharp.

The Google staircase: a set of stairs with common search trends scrolling on its steps.

The climb to better rankings… no, wait—the “Stairs of Search.” Hmm…

Two of SEO Inc.'s clients ride Google bicycles .

How you get around at Google HQ…

SEO Inc.'s clients sit on round, blue furniture and eat in Google's lunchroom.

Stopping for a quick lunch. Loving those chairs!

Two of SEO Inc.'s clients riding bicycles.

Three of SEO Inc.'s clients, sitting astride their Google bicycles, smile for the camera.

Happy clients!

SEO Inc.'s CEO, Garry Grant, and Director of Paid Search

One last shot before hitting the road. Say, ‘cheese!’

We had a tremendously fun time visiting Google on their home turf, and we will be back very soon.

Want to tour Google HQ? Partner up with us, and let’s hit the road! We can be your SEO service provider and so much more. From PPC to social media and more, let us show you our full range of SEO services.

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