Google Sitelinks Have Big Impact in Search Engine Space

Google Sitelinks Impact on Search Engine Space

When Google sitelinks first came out they were really only noticed for a particular domain and an exact search query. Those of us who had well optimized, authoritative sites were happy to be given a greater presence in Google. But others who had poorly optimized websites were distraught over not being afforded a larger listing. Little did we know that the sitelink program goes well beyond a domain name search. We are seeing this now more than ever. In this post we will take a look at the reach of Google sitelinks.

For example, if you searched for SEO Inc. you would see these sitelinks.

[/caption]But it is important to point out that the Google sitelink initiative is not limited to a particular domain and an exact search query. It is actually much bigger than this. Did you know that sitelinks can be created for an important directory? Here you see sitelinks that have been created for the seo-blog directory on the SEO Inc. website.

SEO Inc. Blog Sitelinks

SEO Inc. SitelinksBut it doesn’t end there. Sitelinks are now being created for social media profiles as well! Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Tacori Facebook Sitelinks

Fredericks of Hollywood Facebook Sitelinks

SEOMoz Twitter SitelinksAs you can see sitelinks are not only connected to the main domain and an exact search query. We are seeing more and more sitelinks in the Google search space everyday. Furthermore, companies are increasingly interested in gaining sitelinks, as it helps them secure more branded search space.

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