Google Announces Plus One (+1) Button!

Google releases the plus one (+1) button!

That is right folks. Google  is out hitting the streets marketing their new Google Plus 1 (+1) Button. This button could have major implications on the SEO and social media marketing industry.

So what does this mean? Well, like other social media share buttons, the + 1 button will be an excellent way for websites to increase their search engine optimization rankings. But this share button will not only allow websites to build relatively low quality back-links, it is much more than that.

According to Mashable, “Google plans to offer to publishers a +1 button that lets readers +1 something without leaving the publisher’s site.”

“Google’s button will instantly have a lot of appeal, given the company says +1 data will directly influence its market share dominating search rankings

Mashable believes that the +1 button will be bad for content farms. This is more than likely, as people will have no reason to +1 bad content. Instead, only quality content will receive organic +1 marks. The issue is of course is that people may abuse this +1 system. Overall, this new Google plus one (+1) button could drastically change the face of external linking building campaigns. While this is possible, we will not know the effect a +1 will have on Google rankings until we have done diligent testing.

What do you think about the new Google +1 Button? Comment below!

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