Google Now Indexing Facebook Comments & Other Third Party Comments

Google Indexing Facebook Comments and Other Third Party Comments

Facebook comments, and other comments regardless of the platform they are left with, are the result of real people listing their true feelings, so why shouldn’t they rank in Google search space. Well, apparently Google had the same feeling because we are now seeing Facebook comments and comments left using other third party commenting systems on a website ranking in Google.

Facebook CommentsThis was first discovered when someone Googled the text from a comment left on a blog post using the Facebook comments widget. When they did this, they found it had been picked up by Google. Matt Cutts, head of WebSpam at Google confirmed this new form of Google search content in a recent Tweet.

Googlebot keeps getting smarter. Now has the ability to execute AJAX/JS to index dynamic comments.

With this new Google update in place we may see comments picked up that were previously invisible due to third part technology limitations. This will pertain to comments left on blog posts and possibly even review platforms that lacked visibility.

This is great news for social media marketers who like the Facebook comment widget and other third party commenting platforms due to their viral exposure capabilities. Now they will not only be able to promote comments internally on Facebook, they will also be able to get them indexed in Google, thus helping their search engine optimization.

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