Google+ Launches What’s Hot and New Search Features

Google+ is Growing Quickly 

Branded pages were just released a week ago and now 61% of major brands have already secured their Google+ page. Compare this to 91% of major brands with pages secured on Facebook and the numbers start to look very close, especially since Google+ has had such a shorter existence than Facebook. With all of these users and brands flocking to Google+ Google feels that promise is on the horizon. They are investing heavily in new features which is what we are going to talk about today. Pay attention because it looks like Google+ is going to have to be a part of your social media management process moving forward.

Trending Topics – What’s Hot

Like Twitter, Google+ is now listing trending topics know as What’s Hot. They rolled this feature out last night without much of a commotion. While that is the case the feature is listed clearly in the sidebar.
Google What's Hot

As you can see the What’s Hot filtering feature on Google+ shows you the most popular stories. Google calls it a selection of the most interesting content on Google+. This is a very similar feature to Facebook’s new top stories feature.

According to Google, “When viewing posts in your stream, you may notice a section called ‘What’s hot on Google+.’ This section highlights selected content thought to be exemplary, interesting, and appropriate: showing you serendipitous and diverse information. To cycle through the different posts in ‘What’s hot on Google+’ just use the arrows in the band at the top of the section. When you find a post you like, don’t be shy to +1 the post, add a comment, or even reshare it with your circles that contain the people who will most appreciate it.”

So the Google+ What’s Hot feature is cool right? I mean why not…

Along with the rollout Google+ launched a couple new search features. According to Mashable, “Google+ users can now search within just their own posts, their circles or the entire Google+ network. The search giant has also changed the layout of the search page with several UI tweaks.”

This new search feature is exciting, as it allows you to query the content you are most interested in. Want to search for information related to coworkers? Search your coworker’s circle. Want to search for breaking news across the entire Google+ network like you would on Twitter? You can do that too.

What do you think about the new changes to Google+? Comment below!

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