Google Launches Google Offers (Beta): What Now?

Google Lauches Beta Google Offers

Everyone loves a deal right? I have friends that won’t even buy something if they aren’t getting a deal on it. Myself, I hate waiting. I rather just get what I need when I need it. Well, Google offers are good news for the bargain shoppers out there. Google Offers is yet another site offering ways for you to save online. The difference between this one and the others, it is backed by online powerhouse Google, a company flying into the merchant and services space in new ways daily; see Google Wallet & Google Checkout.

Here is an example of a Google Offer.

google offers 2
Google Offers Example

I know we are all excited to get our offers posted, but before we do, let’s take a second and talk about this. As of right now Google Offers is only available in the following areas (see image below). Remember, it is brand new.

google offers
Google Offers Areas

I do like how Google has set up the page; I mean really, this is just good marketing. There is a clear call to action, a picture showing the product or service, a timer rapidly counting down until the offer expires, and a list of how many of these offers still exist. There are also share buttons on the page that allow the offer to get more exposure.

Did I hear someone ask, “But why did you do this Google? There are already so many competitors in the space.” They are right really… There is Groupon, LivingSocial, Facebook Deals and tons of smaller sites. I’d like to answer this one for Google… Because they want to dominate the Internet and they have the financial backing to do so. I mean, who wouldn’t in their position?

It has been really interesting to watch Google. The company sits back and waits for a market to develop. Once that market has proven to be profitable, they jump in and do a good enough job in it to be a player and make some money. Google Offers is yet another example of a slightly tardy Google market entry. And while they came in late, I’ll bet they don’t do too bad.

SEO Inc. will be evaluating the potential of Google Offers for our clients. If you have questions about this new marketing opportunity ask below.

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