Google’s “Mobile-First World” Is Now Live

Google has released three ad innovations today. First announced at the Google Performance Summit in May, these features are part of Google’s effort to deliver a more consumer- and marketer-friendly ad experience on mobile.

  • Expanded Text Ads – Larger ad headlines and descriptions
  • Responsive Ads – More consistent look across all devices
  • Device Bidding – More ad control and flexibility

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded text ads feature two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description. Google says the ads will be “optimized for the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones.” This is a 50% increase in the ad text, all to show users more information about a business’s products and services.

Early testing for expanded text ads has been met with success, as indicated in reports from Guitar Center, L’Oreal, EE, and Kueski.

Standard text ads will continue to run alongside expanded text ads until October 26, 2016, when they will be discontinued. Only the expanded text ad format will be available after that.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads adapt to the full range of mobile devices that users may view ads on. By automatically adjusting their size, appearance, and format, responsive ads are intended to provide consistency and engagement for users. Google hopes that responsive ads will “seamlessly fit” within the sites and apps users choose to visit.

Google automatically designs ads based on assets the marketer enters, including headlines, images, and landing page, which are then optimized for over two million websites and apps across the Google Display Network.

Device Bidding & Smart Bidding

New device bidding features enable marketers to set device bid adjustments by mobile, desktop, and tablets. Automated smart bidding will also be available to “set more informed bids” by factoring in contextual factors like location, time of day, and audience.

Mobile has, at long last, become the dominant search platform. Google has rebuilt AdWords from the ground up, offering new features like expanded text ads, responsive ads, and device bidding to help usher in this new era of advertising.

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