Google Contributor Lets You See Certain Websites Without Ads

Right before writing this article, I posted something on Facebook about how much I enjoy reading peoples’ negative comments on Instagram sponsored pictures / ads. We’re all so sensitive… Anyway, if you’re like the apparently-large number of people who abhor online ads, Google Contributor will be something to take note of.

So what is Contributor by Google?

In its endless pursuit to make the web the best place for everyone ever at all times all the time, Google has announced a new product called Google Contributor. Essentially, for a nominal fee, Google will let you view certain sites that rely on advertising to, you know, exist, free from ads. In lieu of seeing ads, user who want to use Contributor can donate between $1-$3 to see sites that are part of the Contributor network with no advertising. The thinking and hope is that these donations will go to the sites. How else, if not advertising, will they continue to be profitable, ya know? At this time, it’s not clear whether Google will take a cut of the action.

Some sites are already on board with Contributor by Google.

So far the Google Contributor network includes Mashable, The Onion, Science Daily, Imgur, WikiHow, Urban Dictionary…. All have signed up for the Google Contributor program.  Instead of ads on these sites (and probably more as of time of this posting), as part of the Contributor program, you will see no ads. Nope. Instead, you’ll be treated to some Thank You messages and other non-ad things.

Google Contributor

Google Contributor and the Future

This is definitely an interesting move by the powers at Google given they rely so heavily on paid advertising. But hey, they change the game constantly, and we have to assume they know what they’re doing. It’s not like they’re reintroducing Wave or anything…

To partake in Google Contributor, head here and join the waitlist.

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