Google Carousel in Knowledge Graph SEO: Does it Matter?

Have you heard about the new Carousel feature in Google Knowledge Graph? Allow me to explain… Say you do a search. Google will return its normal results and the knowledge graph. But then on top of that you will find the new Google Carousel (sometimes it will appear on its own, other times you will need to click a knowledge graph feature on the right to activate it).

It will look something like this (keep in mind this is not out yet).

Google Knowledge Graph Carousel
Google Knowledge Graph Carousel

In the example above you will see actual museums in New York that display when you search for Museums in New York.

Again, in some cases the images will automatically load at the top. In other cases you will need to click on a knowledge graph category on the right side to activate the top images.

Watch a Video on the New Google Carousel Feature

Search Engine Optimization and Google Carousel

SEO experts are thinking about ways to promote content through this new channel. It makes sense right? Think of the extra traffic you could drive to your website if you could be associated with one of these brief pieces of content.

The main question is, what will these images link to? Will it be simple information, a website or some combination of the two?

The answer is the latter. Let’s walk through an example to understand how it works.

Say you search for Dogs. The knowledge graph may then return a carousel that lists different kids of dogs at the top. Next, you click on Golden Retriever. When this happens Google performs a new search, this time for the term Golden Retriever. Google will then show new search results as well as a new knowledge graph.

So let’s consider the elements here from an SEO perspective. Basically, we have two items. The new search results and the new knowledge graph. The only thing you can optimize for at this point is the regular Google organic results. You cannot get a link in the carousel of the sidebar knowledge graph. But you can of course use this information to try to understand different areas you would like to rank in Google and create a keyword strategy accordingly.

To explore this concept I did a search for the term “Surfing.” This brought up the following knowledge graph.

e Carousel SEO Surfing Example

As you can see Kelly Slater is in there. I decided to click on him. This returned the following knowledge graph.

Google Carousel SEO Surfing Example 2

Now there are a few elements to this particular knowledge graph for a person. There is Born, Height, Weight, Career SFtart and Appears in. What you’ll notice is that Appears in is a category with some monetary value. For instance, September Sessions is a movie readily available for purchase. I just thought this was interesting because it could generate some new data for film producers. Also, if you click the more button you will see more films.

Google Carousel More

 When Does the Knowledge Graph Show Up?

It appears that the Google Knowledge Graph only shows up when searching for information based terms. Basically, anything that someone would not want to advertise on. 🙂

  • Search for “Motorcycle” – No Knowledge Graph
  • Search for “Bike Parts” – No Knowledge Graph
  • Search for “Running” – Knowledge Graph for People Related to Running
  • Search for “Dog Collar” – No Knowledge Graph

Summing Up SEO, Carousel and Knowledge Graph for Now

For now it does not appear that any striking ways to generate new SEO traffic are jumping out from the development of the new carousel department feature. Of course if you could get associated with the knowledge graph for your particular category that would help you. Also, there is potential that it could help with research to a degree. At this point we do not know exactly how Google is generating this information either. It appears to be coming from their own database that is independent of web results. For now we will lay this one to rest, but now at least we know more about it.

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