Google + Business Pages for Online Reputation Management

Google + business pages are starting to have major implications in search engine optimization, but also online reputation management. Recently, I wrote about this on Search Engine Land. Read the full article on why Google + Business pages matter for online reputation management.

Some of the main points of the article were.

  • Google is slowing seeping Google + content and pages into their normal search results.
  • This favoritism towards Google + makes it important to focus on them.
  • As of now, Google + Business Pages are only showing up for a limited amount of queries but we expect this to increase.
  • If you post favorable content to Google + it will quickly show up in your branded search space.
  • Having the ability to post messages directly to your branded search space in real time in Google provides great link building and marketing opportunities.

View the Toyota Example Below

Google Reputation ManagementOverall, Google + business pages are becoming more and more important. Whether you are looking to increase your SEO or improve your online reputation, it makes sense to incorporate these online profiles. Read the full article on Search Engine Land.

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