Google Announces Mobile Friendly Labels in Search Results. You Should Have Them.

Google Mobile Friendly Labels in Search Results

Google is on a mission to make the web the most transparent place in the entire world. From algorithm updates to keep sites honest, to content guidelines to keep sites user-friendly, the search engine giant sleeps little to ensure we’re all paying by “the rules.*” (*”The Rules” we speak of are, “Do what Google says or don’t rank on Google. Have fun on Bing or whatever…”)

Google has now made the mobile experience for its users all that much better by introducing Mobile Friendly labels in search results. Have you ever been searching something on your smartphone, found the site you’re looking for, and click through only to find that the site is less-than mobile friendly and basically useless on your device? Thanks to Google updating the game yet again, “Mobile Friendly” labels will notify users prior to clicking through whether or not the site is, you guessed it, mobile friendly or not. See? SEO Inc is totally mobile friendly.

Click through with confidence

This should ultimately be beneficial for sites. Really, all sites should be mobile friendly by now, given the fact that smartphones account for staggering traffic numbers these days.

Want to see if your site is mobile friendly or not? Click here to take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. It’s super easy.

The easy part is determining whether or not your site is mobile friendly. The hard part comes when you realize your site is not and you need it to be. That’s when you need to call in the professionals.

SEO Inc. has been helping sites achieve mobile-friendly status since the advent of mobile browsing. Don’t risk screwing something up. Let us get you the mobile friendly site you need. Our mobile advisors are standing by. Your competition is probably doing it, so you should too.

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