Google + Announces Google + Applications!

Google + Announces Google + Applications

Google Senior VP of Social Vic Gundotra announced that Google+ will now support Google Apps accounts sometime in the next few days. During a Q&A at the Web 2.0 Summit Gundotra confirmed that the integration was “imminent, within a matter of days.”

The issue of not being able to use Google+ with a Google Apps account has been one of the biggest drawbacks for many would-be users. The reason behind holding off on launching Google+ for Google Apps until now is the company “thought they would have more time” before the social networking site became this popular. Forty million users are now on Google+ and have uploaded around 3.4 billion pictures over the past three months.

Google Plus Apps
Google Plus Apps

According to Google, there are 30 million active Google Apps users from 3 million businesses and universities. This could potentially mean huge numbers of Facebook users flocking to Google +, although it does not seem too likely. Google + was launched in June 2011 and opened to the public on Sept. 20; all the while Google Apps users were left in the dark regarding when the new social network would support their Google Apps account. After being excluded for four months it seems as though many disgruntled Google Apps users (especially those who pay for the service) have waged a personal vendetta against Google +.

What do you think? Will Google Apps help social media marketing?

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