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SEO Valentine's Day cards from Search Engine Watch lead today's links.
SEO Valentine’s Day cards from Search Engine Watch lead today’s links.

||Search Engine Watch|| – We Love Google, We Love Google Not
It’s Valentine’s week. Love the Hallmark Holiday or hate it, at the very least it’s one of the top five times of year to stock up on chocolate candy. This is also a good time of year to search for quotes about love and romance, whether you want to write a valentine or you’re looking to rewrite a few classics to apply to our perpetually dysfunctional relationship with Google. Clearly, I’m going for the latter. It’s funny how when you change a few words in some quotations about love, you get a whole new meaning as it applies to SEO. (Continue Reading…)

||HubSpot|| – New Twitter layout being tested
One of the cool things about working at a popular tech blog like Mashable is that you’re really in-the-know about industry news. Sometimes, you’re so in-the-know that you learn about that industry news because the news broke itself to you when you logged into your Twitter account. (Continue Reading)

||Search Engine Watch|| – Google Fires First Shot in War on German Link Networks
After repeated warnings in recent weeks, Google revealed it took action against a German agency’s link network, as well as its clients.
The head of Google’s Webspam Team Matt Cutts made the announcement on Twitter. However, unlike other recent announcements, Cutts didn’t reveal which agency was penalized. This week we took action on a German agency’s link network/clients. More to come in Germany. (Continue Reading…)

||Business Insider|| – Facebook Is About To Let You Go Anonymous For The First Time
From the very beginning, Facebook has stood for two things: 1. Permanence. 2. Identity. Permanence, meaning everything a user does, says or posts on Facebook is recorded and never erased. Facebook is like a digital journal of your life. Memories and photos will greet you every time you log in. (Continue Reading…)

Google In jail
5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules

||Search Engine Land|| – 5 Times Google Penalized Itself For Breaking Its Own SEO Rules
Make no mistake. Plenty of sites — big brands included — willingly do things in an attempt to rank better on Google that go past SEO tactics that Google itself considers acceptable. However, there’s also no better poster child for how complicated and confusing Google’s rules can be than the fact that Google has had to punish itself with penalties over and over again. (Continue Reading…)

||Search Engine Watch|| – 5 Examples of How Recrawling Site Changes Can Nip SEO Problems in the Bud
When I start helping companies that have experienced a serious drop in organic search traffic, I almost always begin the engagement by conducting a thorough SEO audit. Whether it’s Panda, a botched redesign or CMS migration, or a slow decline in rankings over time, audits are critically important to understanding the root causes of the drop. (Continue Reading…)

||SEO Inc.|| New & Old SEO – You Play Nice
Old SEO and New SEO are terms flying around right now as there has been a great deal of talk about what is and isn’t “good” as far as SEO tactics are concerned. What once worked might not any longer. But it’s hard to change over night, even when Google pulls another plug and changes the game like that. And believe us, Google will change something again, whether it’s today, tonight, tomorrow, in two weeks, over the Summer, when you’re exchanging your vows, etc. (Continue Reading…)

||Social Media Examiner|| – 5 Ways to Combine Twitter With Real Time Activities
Is there an easy way to engage with people in real-time while balancing Twitter scheduling needs? Do you know when to schedule your posts to best reach your followers? Are you looking for ways to join in discussions with real-time posts? In this article, you’ll discover how to use both scheduled and real-time social media posts in your social media strategy. (Continue Reading…)

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