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Friday Focus On… Goverre. Take your wine with you.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, enjoying a glass of your favorite bottle of wine, when, out of nowhere, your best friend calls up and says you must come down to the beach ASAP before you miss a school of whales dancing in the distance against a sunset? Obviously a true, one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss, but what of your wine? WHAT OF YOUR WINE?

Enter Goverre and their ingenious, first of its kind glass portable wine glass.

Gone are the days of re-refrigerating your Chardonnay, and pouring out the Cab is a thing of the past. With Goverre’s portable wine glasses, you not only preserve your wine, you get to experience it the proper way: In a glass, not in a plastic cup like some kind of animal.

Goverre cofounders, Regan Kelaher and Shannon Zappala, saw a problem in the portable wine game, and just had to fix it.

While their idea is still in Kickstarter phase, Goverre is poised to take over the RTD (ready to drink) on-the-go-wine world.

First off, a portable glass wine glass with a lid does not exist. What good does a portable glass wine glass do if there’s no lid? Well, none, really. Goverre addressed this and made a lid. Just pour in the wine, seal up the glass, throw it in your bag and you’re good to go.

Second, taking your conventional wine glasses with you can be unpredictable at best. Fragile and unstable, they aren’t exactly made for travel. Goverre fixed this with a stemless glass wrapped in a colorful silicon sleeve. The houndstooth-patterned and BPA/BPS-free silicone sleeve gives GOVERRE added durability, prevents heat transfer, and provides a no-slip grip. Boom.

Thirdly (which apparently is a real word, FYI), it’s glass. Real, honest-to-goodness glass. Would you pour your Chateau le Blanc 68 into a plastic cup? If you like plastic-flavored wine, maybe. But that’s on you. And just for added safety, Goverre made this glass just a little thicker, just in case you’re the type that falls down more than your average person.

So next time you’re headed to a backyard BBQ, out boating (but not skippering), take a walk around the neighborhood, outdoor movies, street festivals, hikes, camping, the movies, art festivals, Broadway, parades, picnics, the salon, polo fields, the pool, film festivals and probably a hundred and fifty other places, feel free to bring along Goverre.

Basically, the world needs Goverre.

Want to see this idea come to life? Head over to the Goverre Kickstarter and donate or at least spread the word. Check them out on all your fave social networks, too:

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Keep calm and wine on.


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