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Friday the 13th Ping-Pong Massacre 2009

Ping Pong PictureAt SEO Inc. we work hard, but we play hard too. Last Friday, the 13th, we had an all out company war with the Friday the 13th Ping-Pong Massacre pitting co-workers against co-workers in ping-pong matches to the death. To. The. DEATH. Ok, it wasn’t that extreme, but we do take our ping-pong pretty seriously. In honor of Friday the 13th, each match played to 13 points with no 2-point win rule. Read on to find out who took the title. (Thanks to Justin for the awesome play by play action.)

Round 1

  • Down 7-3 Ian let out his inner slasher and pulled a 13-11 victory over Steve to advance to the second round!
  • While Justin put up a good fight, his serves fell short and personal errors got the best of him. Kevin pulls out a 13-4 victory to move to round 2.
  • A blazing match between George and Ed resulted in Ed taking the match 13-5 with brilliant defense playing a key factor.
  • Brad dropped 4-8 behind Tuna, but managed to turn on the juice with Tuna falling victim to the brutal suicide rule, 13-12.
  • Sean and Rich battled it out with a close count all match. Sean, a master at using his surroundings, crushed Rich with a brutal ceiling shot taking it 13-11.
  • Sarah and Shalom’s match had the crowd running with wild shots at the gallery. Several long rallies produced Sarah as the victor 13-8.
  • The back and forth battle between Lauren and Taylor was one for the record books. With rallies of over 13 returns, Lauren hacked her way to a victory 13-7.

People Playing Ping Pong
(Brad and Tuna battle it out.)

Round 2

  • Ripping into round 2 Ian and Brad faced off with errors playing a key roll in chasing the win from Brad. Final score 13-7, Ian.
  • Reminiscent of the old days of Senior Center Tournaments, Sean’s relaxed feeling was overshadowed by the determination for victory, and youth won the day. 13-8 Kevin.
  • Ed took it old school, and showed Sarah the door with a 13-5 victory.

Ping Pong Action Shot
(Sean quietly plots his victory as Steve looks on.)

Round 3

  • Brutal Round 3 pitted Ian and Kevin together for an exciting match. Almost returning from the grave Kevin took the offense and erred out on the final slam for Ian to take the round 13-8.
  • Taking an early lead, Ed shot long and gave up his lead to Lauren. In a surprise upset Lauren pulled out in front of Ed to take the match 13-10.

Final Round

    Ian and Lauren squared off in the finals with Ian holding nothing back. Like a non-union actress fleeing for her life in terror, Lauren gave up 10 unanswered points. After giving up 5 points to personal errors, Ian took the title of Friday The 13th Ping-Pong Massacre 2009 Slash Champion, 13-5.

Ian And Lauren Playing Ping Pong
(Ian and Lauren battle to the death.)

The Final Standings

End Bracket

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