Facebook Wages War Against Spam Schemes

The Facebook is doing really well. For example, Facebook post engagement rose 176% in the first quarter of 2012 when compared to the same time last year. This is no doubt largely due to the new Facebook timeline success. Furthermore, ad spend on Facebook is up 93%.

Many things are looking bright for the soon to-be public company, but there are still some troubles.

Facebook Fights Paid Comment Spammers

According to Allfacebook.com, there has been an email circulating that offers the following proposition.

The email offers the bait of $25 an hour for commenting on walls, then links to a website — the link’s toward the bottom of this post — that buries the switch at the bottom of the homepage: Before you can see any of the opportunities, you need to pay $4.95 for a three-day training program. And if you don’t cancel after that initial period, you’re automatically billed $49.95 a month for membership in a site promising listings of social media jobs.” – AllFacebookFacebook Comment and Like Spam

As we can see, the email appears to be a scam. But it does beg the question, is there someone out there who is starting a business based on paid Facebook comments? The answer is… Of course there is! Just take a look at sites such as procomments.com or buyyourfans.com. Getting more comments for your social media sites is just a few dollars away. This causes problems for sites such as Facebook who pride themselves on clean user generated content.

Facebook Like Buy Campaigns

Along with the ability to buy comments, you can of course buy likes on Facebook. For that matter you can also buy followers on Twitter, buy subscribers on YouTube, etc, it’s all possible. But let’s focus on buying likes on Facebook for the moment. For tens to hundreds of dollars you can purchase thousands of fans for your page. The issue is, who are these fans? In most cases they are simply dead accounts or people who will quickly unlike your page after they have received their compensation.


As Facebook has grown so has their problem with spam. When third parties offer the ability to buy Facebook likes and Facebook comments, and it actually works to some degree, it deeply discredits the authority of the site and speaks poorly about the sites ability to manage their own system. Of course we understand that spam is an ongoing battle. Let’s not forget, Google has a huge full-time team of geniuses working on this issue at their headquarters. Facebook will be working hard to address these issues before they go public.

What do you think about paid comments and likes? Leave a comment below! Sorry, no compensation! 🙂

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