Facebook Unleashes Timelines on Brands

Facebook Timlines for Brands

Pay attention social media managers …. Facebook is bringing the timeline feature to brands, much like they have for personal profiles. However, the branded pages timelines have a couple more features to get us social media marketers exciting. Ready to jump into this topic? Here we go…

Facebook made this announcement on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 but the full rollout will not be live until March 30, 2012. The new Facebook brand timelines will look really similar to personal profile timelines. It will have the large cover photo and the prominent display of photos at the top. Lets take a quick look at the Manchester United page to get a feel for it.

Timelines on Brands

As you can see the cover photo really tells the story of the team. This will be once of the most important areas to consider for brands. But wait, there is more…

Facebook is introducing some cool new admin capabilities. On the new Facebook brand timelines you will be able to select pieces of content and keep them on your timeline as sticky posts for seven days. This is getting marketers excited everywhere, as it allows you to keep those important posts in the public eye. Twitter is also doing this with their new brand pages, but you need to spend $10,000 a month with them to make it happen… Don’t get me started on that one.

According to Mashable, Page administrators have new options at their fingers too. An admin panel hides or expands on command, meaning you don’t have to navigate to a separate page to make changes, updates or improvements.”

This same panel will notify you of activity on your page and even supply you with analytic performance data. Furthermore, you can now respond directly to private messages from the admin panel.

Overall this is big news in the Facebook world. Businesses everywhere will be scurrying to form the perfect story on their Facebook business timeline. I know we will, there is sure a lot to tell! San Lessin, product manager at Facebook said it best, “Organizations have identities too.”

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