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Facebook to Focus on Going Mobile

All Signs Point to a Bright Future for Mobile Social MediaWhat are they up to now? Those sneaky, sharp, social media strategist at Facebook? It seems that they are always releasing something new. Which is good, it keeps us talking about them and social media marketing, right?

Let me explain the latest development… Eric Tseng, Facebook’s head of mobile products, made a statement at MobileBeat 2010 noting that Facebook, “really sees mobile as the future.” Wow, really? That is amazing! No one has ever said that before! Just kidding… Many people have said this. But hey, it’s the second part of the statement that is news…

According to Mashable, he also mentioned that we can expect to see Facebook’s “Like” button and Facebook open graph going mobile in the near future. To add to that, he went on to say that app stores will be integrated with social media.

So let’s analyze these brief statements. Basically, Facebook is looking to make their most popular content sharing and community building widgets accessible via mobile devices. Furthermore, they are desperately seeking a way to work social media into the mobile application industry. I would be too with all the money being made in that sector.

Ultimately, it’s crystal clear that everything is going mobile. I will actually go on the record right now and say, “Everything is going mobile! So figure out what your niche is quick!”

Tseng  helped confirmed this fact at the end of his address, stating that 150 million mobile users have been a huge part of Facebook’s success. If the amount of Facebook mobile users is that big now, think about how large the community will be in a year!

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