Why the New Facebook Subscribe Button will Change How you Use Facebook

How the Facebook Subscribe Button will Alter Facebook

For a long, while I thought that Twitter would be the one taking cues from Facebook, however, the exact opposite has happened. With the new Facebook Subscribe button, Facebook has taken one great leap toward making Twitter obsolete. Maybe.

Subscribe buttons work in much the same way that Follows work on Twitter and are something that need to be incorporated into your social media optimization process. Once someone decides to subscribe to a Facebook user, they will receive status updates, photo updates, and all other updates available on Facebook in their news feed. Right, so this is sounding a lot like the news feed updates we’re already receiving.

Not quite. Facebook added smart features to the button that allows subscribers to choose what type of updates they wish to receive. Features include opting in to collect all user updates, only important user updates, event updates, game updates, etc. The option helps subscribers weed out all of the information they don’t care about. Because let’s be honest, sometimes you only want to read the important stuff and not the mundane day-to-day posts. In addition to this, you don’t have to be Facebook friends with a person to subscribe to them.

That’s right; you can subscribe to a person that you are not friends with.

Well, this sounds like a stalker alert if there ever was one. What happened to privacy, Facebook? What happened to look out for the safety of your users?

Don’t fret world, Facebook has thought of this too. Only people who add the Facebook Subscribe button will have it on their profile. In addition to this, only information that is shared publicly on a profile will be available for non-friends to subscribe to. Which means that those people that you want to stalk, you know the ones with the bullet-proof, 100%, don’t even share necessary information people, yeah. You still can’t see what they’re saying.

Overall I think the subscribe button is interesting. I won’t use it. I won’t use it only because most of the people I’m interested in speaking to I’m already friends with, and those I’m not friends with, well, their profiles are set to private. So I’m at a loss as to how it would come in handy to me. However, if you have a penchant for reading Novak Djokovic Facebook posts but are too embarrassed to friend him after professing your love for Rafa Nadal two months ago, then maybe, just maybe, this can be your saving grace.

Click here to add the Facebook Subscribe Button to your profile. And don’t forget to comment below!

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