Facebook Releases Ability to Tag Pages in Photos

Facebook Releases Tag Pages in Photos

Yep, it is that simple folks. Don’t need to waste a lot time here. Facebook has just made it possible to tag business pages in photos. This has been a feature we have been anticipating for some time now. The ability to tag Facebook business pages in photos went live today, Wednesday, May 11. It has not been pushed out across the entire site just yet, but it will be coming soon.

With the implementation of this update there are a few things to consider…

Facebook Adds Feature to Tag Business Pages in Photos
Facebook Adds Feature to Tag Business Pages in Photos

First, do not worry you can un-tag yourself if necessary. Also, you can take certain measures to ensure your brand does not end up in the wrong picture.

According to Mashable, “Tagged photos will appear in the Photos tab of a Page, rather than on that Page’s Wall, and anyone can tag a Page — even if a user hasn’t “Liked” it. Page admins can also nix photos from the tab by going into Edit Page > Posting Options > and unchecking “Users can add photos.”

In addition, all Facebook privacy setting will still apply to photos. So if you have it set so only certain people can see photos, those same rules will apply as far as who can see the business pages tagged in the photos.

As of right now, Facebook is only allowing Facebook pages showing brands, products and people to be tagged. We expect that they will be rolling out more options in the future.

SEO Inc. anticipates this to be an important social media optimization brand strategy moving forward. Imagine you are wearing a cool new shirt in a photo. People want to know the brand of the shirt of course so you decide to tag the brands Facebook business page. Now the photo will be added to the brand’s Photos by Users Album. Also, all of your friends will be able to see the brand and connect to the page when viewing the photo.

As the feature expands SEO Inc. will deliver a full post on how to utilize Facebook photo tagging for business pages. Until then, comment below!

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