What does Facebook Paper mean for your shared content?

Facebook Paper & Your Shared Content

The recent launch of Facebook’s new Paper app, marks a new foray for the major social network into new, more-news-focused waters. Before, the convolution of news buried deep in your Facebook feed, sandwiched between FAILBLOG gifs and Buzzfeed articles (usually the same thing), left your news feed with very little focus. Facebook’s Paper addresses this issue.

Facebook’s newest app, Paper, seeks to change the landscape of how news is delivered to users. Changing from the traditional Facebook method of a vertical news feed, Paper acts more like https://flipboard.com/ at Flipboard, in that users can select which stories from which different themes, from different publications / companies they wish to see in a more interactive and visually appealing manner.

Facebook Paper icon

Facebook said about its new app, “You can customize Paper with a choice of more than a dozen other sections about various themes and topics — from photography and sports to food, science and design. Each section includes a rich mix of content from emerging voices and well-known publications.”

So what does this mean for your content being posted as news to Facebook? It means having to reevaluate what you’re posting to be even more engaging and shareable, as you now have the opportunity to be featured alongside other influencers and professionals in your industry. The social media giant hopes that posters will reevaluate what they are posting to better fit in with Paper’s interface. This means more engaging and better-themed content posted regularly so more users, from those who may have forgotten they liked you on Facebook to new users, will see it and help disseminate news and content across the board.

By creating this quality content, your stories will appear alongside relevant stories from other brands / companies / users, adding more credibility and influence to your content.

Facebook Paper preview
Facebook Paper preview

Paper is currently available for iPhone users only, but the Android and Windows phone versions can’t be far off. One concern off the bat is, do you think smartphone users will be up for downloading yet another Facebook-managed app? There’s a high probability, given that Facebook has become an even larger bastion of irrelevant topics you have to unsubscribe or unfollow from to get rid of.

Where once it was deemed “okay” to post blindly to Facebook with any and all status updates you wanted to share, now marks a new era of sharing on the social media network. By creating more interesting and newsworthy content regularly, your chances of gaining new audiences and Likes for your business increase.

Whether or not the app will be successful is yet to see. But keep in mind, Facebook is very calculated in their moves, and are very persistent in pushing users to accept change. So while the app might not be downloaded a million times off the bat, Facebook is making some good strides towards cleaning up news feeds, providing users with content relevant to them, and pushing brands / companies / businesses on Facebook to create even more engaging and themed content.

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