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Facebook Launches People Talking About This & New Facebook Insights

Facebook has been making a ton of changes lately (all of which must be incorporated into your social media management process), and here is yet another one. But I think you will like it: Facebook’s new the number of People Talking About This. Facebook released this update a couple of days ago, but when evaluating this new feature, we stumbled upon something else as well, a new Facebook Insights! In this blog, we will take a look at the Facebook People Talking About this Feature, as well as the new Facebook Insights update.

Facebook People Talking About this Feature

Here is a quote from Facebook on the new people talking about this feature. “Improvements to Insights: You’ll now see a new public metric called People Talking About This underneath your fan count to show the number of people on Facebook who have engaged with your page in the last seven days.”

This feature lists the number of people who have engaged with your page in the last seven days. It should be noted that demographic data for people talking about this is only available when more than 30 people have talked about a page in the seven days preceding the last day of your selected date range.

Let’s take a look at some of the advanced metrics for the people talking about this feature.

Facebook People Talking About This

Here we see that we can sort how people talk about your page by all stories, page likes, stories from your posts, mentions and photo tags and post by other people. There are two graphs, one for Talking About This and one for Viral Reach.

Talking About this Tab list the number of people who created a story about your page during the timeframe selected. The Viral Reach tab shows the number of unique people who saw a story published by a friend about your page during the period designated.

Where your Likes Came from Feature

While the Facebook where your likes came from feature has been available in Facebook Insights for some time, there has been an update. This update was needed as a result of the new ticker Facebook has added in the upper right-hand corner. For those you who don’t know, the new ticker shows all of the latest updates on Facebook, however small they may be. The new Facebook insights show on the page, news feed and ticker like sources, this is in addition to other like sources that have always existed.

Where your likes came from

How you Reached People (Reach and Frequency)

The how you reached people section of the reach tab shows four different reach metrics, organic, paid, viral and total.

Facebook How you Reach People

As you can see, there is also another chart that shows users by frequency. This indicates the number of people who saw any content about your page, broken down by how many times each person viewed your content during this period.

Page Posts Analytics

Another new item is the update made to page post analytics. This Facebook page posts analytics is much better than the old version, let’s take a look.

Facebook Page Posts Analytics

You can now access all of you posts by date. This is amazing as it will allow you to determine what your most popular contest has been throughout the life of your page. You can filter your content by Posts, Photo, Link, Video and Platform Posts. There are also a few key ways to evaluate this data.


The new Facebook Insights is what we have been dreaming of for some time now. We are more than happy that Facebook as finally delivered these metrics. With this new Facebook Insights, many third-party Facebook analytics could be in trouble.

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