Facebook Launches New Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups: New Update

Now you can be in exclusive groups both on and offline, at the same time.
Now you can be in exclusive groups both on and offline, at the same time.

Now Facebook Groups have been around for sometime, right? But we’re not talking about those old groups… No, this is something different and new. Think of it like Twitter Lists for Facebook, in a way. Ok, I’m probably confusing you. So let me just tell you what Facebook Groups are, why they are important and why Facebook is genius.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are subgroups of friends that you can create on Facebook. When you create a subgroup, you are given specific functionality that allows you to communicate with those members.

Facebook Group Functionality

Here is a list of the functionality available in a Facebook Group.

  • Group chat
  • E-mail lists
  • Document sharing
  • Group photo-tagging

Important Points about Facebook Groups

These are some important points about Facebook Groups.

  • Groups are closed by default but can also be secret or open to everyone
  • Groups are designed to be small places where friends share information
  • All members of the group can participate in group chat at the same time
  • The groups you participate in most often will automatically appear in your sidebar
  • Facebook believes Groups will change the way you use Facebook

What do Facebook Groups Mean for Facebook?

So think about it like this. No matter how many or how little friends you have on Facebook, there is always someone that you would rather not expose to certain information. For instance, if you are posting something personal that may be better received in a group of close friends opposed to your entire friend base. That is what groups are all about; they are about taking back Facebook from the masses and making it exclusive again.

Think of the implications here. Think of how teenagers, clubs, sports teams and fantasy football leagues will eat this up. You can now communicate exclusively with a specific set of people. You are either in the group or not. Think of how many people will be rejected out of the popular kids group in high school; ah it’s a sad thought…

In the initial stages of its launch Facebook groups will be utilized by the avid social media user, those who really take the time to understand the functionality of the website. But as time moves on I believe more people will find value in it. Families will enjoy having their own groups for one. But what does this mean from a social media marketing perspective? That is what we really need to find out.

Initial Thoughts on Facebook Groups Marketing

From a social media marketing perspective, Facebook groups could be a good thing. Active groups on social media sites can drive a ton of traffic and generate leads. Facebook groups in the past were just plain poor. Almost none of the groups were active and ultimately most of them were a failure. With this new functionality and increased marketing push, they are definitely something to keep an eye on, especially in the case of niche industries and local social media efforts.

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