Facebook is Still Trying to Outsmart Us. Now With Smart Lists

Facebook & Smart Lists

Facebook recently devised a new way to outsmart the unassuming Facebook public with the addition of ‘smart lists’. As if subscribing to people you don’t know wasn’t enough of a Godsend, now being able to categorize your friends into classes and categories should be enough to keep you going.

The way that smart lists work is like this: in the left-hand sidebar of your personal profile page you will see ‘Lists’. Underneath the ‘Lists’ will be categories that Facebook has compiled for you and segregated your friends into. So, for example, my categories include: close friends, family, University of California San Diego, and acquaintances. You can even create your own category, think of the possibilities!

Once a category is selected, you can see the news feeds of those friends of yours who are placed in that particular list. In addition, to manage who is in each list, click on a category and in the upper right hand corner hit the ‘Manage List’ button. From there you will be able to remove and add friends as much as you please.

If you’re starting to think that this sounds exactly like Google + circles, then I think you may be onto something. Facebook looks like it has abandoned any hope of out-innovating its competition, so it has begun to copy its competition. First Twitter and the stalker Subscribe button, and now Google + and the elitist Lists feature.

I can only imagine what kind of lists people will be making and where I will end up. Can you imagine discovering that your friend put you under the “Ignore like the Plague” category. I would think that wouldn’t do great things for your friendship.

Well, setting aside what I think, I’m sure someone will find good use of this feature. I mean, if it was good enough for Facebook to copy, then it must have some place in our society.

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