Facebook Integrates with Bing, Social & Search are Now One

Facebook Integrates Bing, Social & Search

Every once in a while something Bing happens, whoops, I mean something BIG happens to rock the search industry, and while it is usually Google related, this time all eyes are on Bing. Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to integrate Facebook “Like” data with Bing search results. This new development will not only make Bing search more social, it will also strongly dictate which search queries are clicked.

Facebook Integrates with Bing
Facebook Integrates with Bing, Don’t they look Great Together

Starting on October, 14 2010, Bing users will feel the effects of the Facebook/Bing integration. Now, when a person searches for a query Bing will feature a Facebook widget that displays what your Facebook connections have liked regarding that search. To give you a visual idea of what this will look like, image you search for a new movie such as Unstoppable by Fox. Each corresponding search result will display how many of your friends have “liked” it. This will let users make judgment calls on queries based off of how many of their friends support that web page.

To take it a step further, when searching for a person’s name Bing will now display the name of the person who you share the most connections with higher on the page. So for instance, if you search for Adam Smith, and you have more friends who know one Adam smith opposed to another Adam Smith, that Adam Smith will be displayed higher in the search results.

Bing feels confident that this data will be useful. According to Mashable, at this point Facebook has grown to over 500 million users strong and the like button is now being used on more that 2 million websites. This integration has allowed it to capture impressive data.

This new development regarding Bing and Facebook integration strongly supports the business decision to have a social media presence. Consumers will rely on the “like” data displayed next to queries more and more when determining which link to click. Imagine searching for a search engine optimization company in San Diego, Bing will display multiple results, but you will probably only click on the result that most of your friends have liked.

Google has yet to release any similar plans to integrate social media into query results. However, we do know that they are accounting for social media links in their algorithm. At this point, it would appear that both of the search engines are indeed, going social – all the more reason to reach out to a company that specialized in both social media marketing and SEO, like SEO Inc.

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