Facebook Improves Comments Plugin!

Facebook Update to Comments Plugin

Facebook has once again reinvented itself by making drastic improvements to the Facebook comments plugin. This time its target was to connect website commenting widgets to that of their commenters’ Facebook walls. Understanding all of the Facebook plug-ins is important proper social media optimization strategy.

Facebook Comments Plugin
Facebook Comments Plugin

How it works is pretty straightforward. Whenever a reader wants to comment on a website article or blog post, they are prompted to login to their Facebook account. Once logged in, the reader can post their comment in one of two ways.1.) The reader can simply type in their comment and uncheck the “Post to Facebook” box. This will make it so that the comment is only visible on the article website.

2.) OR the reader can comment on the article and check the “Post to Facebook” box. Not only will the comment appear on the website page, but it will also appear on the commenter’s Facebook wall for all of their friends to see.

This is a great marketing strategy for websites to implement. Not only will Facebook friends be able to see that someone posted to the website, but they will also be able to click on the hyperlinked article name and be sent right back to the website in question.

Another interesting feature related to the Plugin is the Grammar Filter. This Filter fixes common grammatical and spelling errors in addition to expanding regularly used slang words (so “Thnx” becomes “Thanks”).

In order to add this Comments Plugin to your website, you must access the Facebook Social Plugins page. Once there, you simply fill out the three highlighted fields. The fields include customization in the form of deciding how many comments to display at one time and what the width of the plugin should be.  When all the fields are filled out, Facebook will generate the code for you!

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