Facebook Announces Worldwide Roll Out of Single Column Pages

Facebook’s New Single Column Pages

We all knew this was coming. Or at least, we could have sensed something happening just when we were getting comfortable with the last change Facebook made to the site. On Wednesday, Facebook announced the roll out of the single column page to all Facebook pages worldwide. The updated look and feel is meant to be more streamlined and effective.

Facebook Single Column Page

This new single-column look for Facebook pages reflects more of the feel of Facebook’s main News Feed. This might help with engagement as users will still feel right at home navigating from their main news feed to business and fan pages across the social networking behemoth. As it stands right now, the admin of the Facebook Page can switch to new design by taking a tour from the ‘Help’ dropdown at the rightmost corner of the page. However, according to Facebook,  “Every Page will automatically switch to the updated design two weeks after the tour has been viewed.”

In a post on Facebook, the social outlet stated, “We know how important Pages are for the millions of businesses that use Facebook every day, and we’re continuing to improve our offerings based on what we hear from them.”

As for the updated look and feel, here’s what you can expect, if you haven’t already seen the change:

  • All posts are kept on the right-side and will be stacked on top of one another.
  • The left-side column will list out the information about the Page – map, hours of business, phone number, URL, and photos and videos.
  • New navigation options at the top for accessing Page activity, insights, and settings.
  • Build Audience menu takes admins to their Ads Manager account.

A really cool new feature that will help out a good deal of business so they can stay on top of the competition and see what they are doing is the “Pages to Watch” feature.  You can find this in the Page Insights tool. Here, admins can track and compare the performance of other Pages similar to their own. Admins can view key stats and the most engaging posts from previous weeks as posted by businesses similar to their own. It’s a Social media Manager’s best friend.

Note: This roll out has seemed to affect some Pages’ insights. If you didn’t see the reach of your posts recently, this could be why.

So, have you noticed you Facebook change yet?

What are our thoughts? Do you like this new design?

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