3 Ways to Get Facebook Likes – Earned, Owned and Advertised

We have been talking to Facebook quite a bit lately to help our clients fully embrace and succeed in social media marketing. This has resulted in us refining our services to the point where we feel very comfortable with our offerings. While that is all well and good, while talking to Facebook three concepts keep arising. In this post, I want to share those concepts with you and discuss how they relate to building your Facebook community.

3 Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Those concepts are Earned, Owned and Advertised. These are the primary ways to acquire Facebook fans, and anyone involved with managing social media needs to understand all three concepts. I like this method of segmentation because it allows us to quickly explain the way that we approach the Facebook community building process here at SEO Inc. So let’s go through this one by one.

The 3 Ways to Get Facebook Likes
The 3 Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Earned Facebook Likes

Earned Facebook likes are the ones you work the hardest for, in my opinion. A won Facebook like comes about when you develop an excellent piece of content that gets noticed. For example, consider that you do a favorite blog post and it gets shared 20 times on Facebook. Assuming that each Facebook user has 130 friends (this is the average number of friends a user has as stated by Facebook) this would result in a distribution potential of 2,600 impressions. This amount of content exposure on Facebook, as well as other social media sites and online properties, would result in you earning Facebook likes. We call this a won like because you worked hard, came up with the idea and created the content. An earned like could also come from a quality wall post, a photo upload or a video upload. Furthermore, a won like could occur as a result of a Facebook-based marketing campaign that is non-paid, such as sweepstakes or a photo contest. But the basic concept is that it comes from your ability to fuel and manage a community organically.

Owned Facebook Likes

Owned Facebook likes to come as a result of something we want to call social media optimization (SMO). This is the process of optimizing the online entities that you own so that they better convert users to Facebook likes. This can involve things such as adding social media icons to your website or blog, promoting Facebook in your newsletters, adding the URL to your Facebook page in your Twitter or YouTube background, etc. The concept is that you are utilizing your online properties and distribution channels to drive likes to your Facebook page.

This is an essential step which takes a great deal of experience to be maximized effectively. It revolves around good marketing and usability implementation. Also, it helps to have a strong knowledge of social media tools.

Advertised Facebook Likes

Many people only try to take an organic approach to Facebook community building. I am sorry to say that if you choose only to pursue non-paid options your efforts will be much slower than if you would have allocated a small advertising budget to acquiring likes. The easiest way to get like is by advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads allow you to specifically choose demographics based on region, likes, interests, and age. It is a compelling way to build your communities, and it happens quickly. I would recommend Facebook ads to anyone interested in jumpstarting a community. You can also run ads to your site, buy specific ads placements in high volume impression areas and run custom story streams, but that is for another blog. SEO Inc. is working hard to become a leader in Facebook advertisement management. We are very excited to help clients with this opportunity.


Earn, Owned and Advertised are three ways to conceptualize Facebook community building. Building a Facebook community is not always easy. Make sure to be strategic in your approach and ensure you are maximizing your efforts.

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