Disqus: A Commeting Platform

As social media sites progress so do their social media integration features. One of the more popular, and fastest growing social media management tools are commenting platforms.

Commenting platforms have been a point of topic on the SEO Inc. blog for quite some time now. Just a few months ago we posted about the new additions to the Facebook commenting platform. What’s so great about the Facebook platform is that once a person posts a comment on a website, their comment automatically appears on their Facebook wall and in their friends’ newsfeeds.  This works in favor of the site since the website URL, and the article title will also be broadcast along with the comment.

But Facebook is not the only social media site dabbling in commenting platforms. There are websites out there that exist solely to develop and sustain attractive comment platforms — sites like Disqus.

Disqus Example

 Disqus has been around for some years now, beginning their site in 2007, they have managed to garner a lot of success among media outlets. Sites like Fox News, CNN, and TIME are all currently using the Disqus commenting platform on their websites.

What makes Disqus so attractive is the overall layout of the platform. Users who create a Disqus account are easily able to post comments to Disqus-compatible sites. Also, Disqus has full integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so a Disqus account is not necessary to post a comment. Besides Disqus offers full integration with YouTube and Flicker to make the addition of videos and pictures to comments simply and straight-forward.

Another great feature to Disqus is that it tracks all of the comments a user makes online. So, let’s say a user makes a few comments on Fox News and then makes some more comments on TIME. What other readers can do is click on the user’s Disqus icon and will be able to see all of the comments on all of the Disqus-compatible websites the user has posted to. This means that a reader on the Fox News website will be able to see that the Disqus user has also made comments on the TIME site.

On the other hand, Disqus is also an excellent way for users to broadcast their website. The platform has a URL redirect capability to direct readers to the user’s website by just clicking on the user’s Disqus name. Also, there is space to write a brief biography into the platform.

The benefits for companies to integrate Disqus into their website is also great. Disqus allows for full moderation of comments.  The platform provides the website admin with analytic information.  And Disqus even offers a nifty little community box that can be integrated into a website to show who makes up your website’s community.

Disqus is a pretty cool commenting platform that can be worthwhile for specific websites. Be sure to check it out if you’re thinking of integrating a platform into your website.

If you have any experience with Disqus (good or bad), let us know below!

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