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The days of guessing how popular your social media sites are are long behind us now. With you will be able to know, within a day or so, just how influential your online presence is on the world around you. gives you a ‘Klout’ score between 1-100. 1 meaning that you have little to no ‘Klout,’ and 100 meaning that when you tweet or post something, the world listens. Klout scores are compiled once you connect your social media sites with the application. The main sites used to compile a Klout score are: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.   Klout Score

Klout scores are comprised of the following factors: true reach, amplification probability, and network influence.  But I would say that the last factor, the network influence, is arguably the most important factor to Klout. This is what could make Klout worth your while.

So, what exactly does this all mean? Well, let’s break it down.

True reach is summed up as the “size of your engaged audience.” The category is broken up into two subcategories—reach and demand. Reach measures how far your information (posts, tweets, etc.) has traveled over the internet. In addition, reach measures how often you are followed or friended. The second subcategory, demand, assesses how often your follows are reciprocated and how often people add your social networks to their lists of friends without you having to initiate the addition.

The second factor in determining a person’s Klout score is amplification probability. This category is broken into three subcategories—engagement, velocity, and activity. Engagement measures how much you participate in social media conversations and the diversity of those who respond to your tweets and posts. Velocity measures the probability of your posts being retweeted and the diversity of the people who are making those retweets. And lastly, activity measures how effective your tweets are in generating more followers and replies.

But no Klout score is complete without taking into consideration a person’s network influence. And here is where Klout scores actually can come in handy for a business.  Network influence measures how influential a person’s social media friends and followers are. So, let’s say all of my friends happen to be owners and co-owners of major league basketball teams. Odds are, their Klout scores will be pretty high which means that they will be marked as ‘very influential people.’

Now, think about yourself. What if your company sells a new kind of rubber sole shoe that you are hoping to crack into the basketball scene? And you know that I have a high Klout score because my Network Influence is sky-high.  Well, then, you will want to engage with me on Facebook and Twitter, making sure to pass along info about your product. By doing so, you will inform me of the product and I just may forward that information along to my followers. In accordance with my high Klout score, you can be sure that if I pass a message along via Facebook or Twitter many people will see and read the message, and subsequently, pass it along to their social community.

In summation, Klout can be useful for businesses to determine where to post and tweet information (targeting those with high Klout scores should, in theory, give you a further reach and improve the results of your social media strategies).  However, Klout largely depends on other people having Klout scores. And as of right now, a lot of people don’t. We’ll see what happens with’s overall ‘Klout’ as the months progress. Perhaps this will become a game changer in social media marketing strategies.

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