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Director of IT and CTO, James Baker, Celebrates 10 Years With SEO Inc.

For the last ten years we’ve been rolling with our Chief Technical Officer, James Baker. He’s been able to develop and implement the technology we need to achieve success for our company in the fast-paced and competitive world of Search Engine Optimization. James is the Director of IT and CTO of SEO Inc. He has been here for 10 years and recently SEO Inc. celebrated his anniversary with a happy hour party at Union Restaurant/Bar in Encinitas, CA.

From the grand scent of the food provided, to the fantastic drinks, and all the great conversation, it was safe to say that fun was had by all.

Here are some photos of some of our crazy antics!

James Baker, Director of IT and CTO, SEO Inc

From the SEO Inc. team, we’re so thankful to have him and we hope he’ll be with us for a very long time.


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