Your Customers ARE Using Facebook

The Importance of Facebook for Business

Still not convinced your company needs a Facebook profile? “None of my customers use Facebook…grumble grumble grumble,” (that’s you trying to justify why you don’t need one). Well, chances are most of your customers probably DO use Facebook, and at least one of them is probably logged into Facebook right now as you’re reading this.

SocialHype and just came out with an infographic detailing just how obsessed the world is with Facebook. A few of the alarming facts that may change your mind, (and make a few advertisers’ hearts race):

  • As of 2011, there are 500,000,000 active Facebook users, which is approximately 1 in every 13 people on earth. Half of them are logged in on any given day.
  • There are 206.2 million internet users in the U.S. and 71.2% of them use Facebook.
  • The 35+ demographic now represents more than 30% of the entire Facebook user base.

(You can view the whole infographic here:

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