Creative Link Building and SEO: The Big Pay Off

At SEO Inc. we like to look at the big picture. Why focus on one big keyword that converts poorly when you can go after thousands (or millions) of longtail keywords that convert like crazy? Along those same lines, why build links for SEO one at a time when you can develop a white hat creative link building strategy that will generate thousands of links? Trust us, we go after the essential keywords and single high-value links too, but hear us out.

What is a Creative Link Building Strategy?

A creative link building strategy for SEO is a marketing initiative to generate links. Now, of course, there are a variety of ways to do this, most of which entail creating something of value or “link bait” on your site in some form or another. By having something of value on your site, it will entice others to link to you and thus will raise your rankings.

Being Smart with Link Building

Creative Link Buiding
Creative Link Buiding

To capitalize on creative link building (sometimes running in unison with a social media campaign we need to be strategic. Think to yourself, what is the primary goal of the campaign? Is there a particular keyword we want to target? Is there a section of the site we want to build overall authority for? Make sure you know what you are trying to achieve before you start. Allow me to give you an example of a campaign we did not too long ago.

One of our clients wants to rank higher for “ring” related keywords. So we put our thinking caps on, did a little brainstorming and then decided that offering a free “ringtone” would be a good idea. You can read the whole social media case study here.

We offered the “ringtone” as a free download on the company’s website. We blasted a press release on offer and promoted it through all the regular marketing channels. We also added share buttons on the page so that more links could be built back to the site.

So why the heck did we do this? Well, we wanted to build links back to the client’s website for “ring” related terms. By doing this, we were able to increase their rankings for specific keywords significantly. We also generated many more links than we ever could through piecemeal SEO efforts.

Creative Link Building and SEO in a Nut Shell

If you want to have a high ranking online property, you need to be willing to think big. Furthermore, you cannot be afraid to be innovative and push the boundaries of conventional online marketing and SEO related online marketing. Social media marketing has made it much easier to develop creative link building strategies that can engage a significant amount of users. Also, these same promotions can lead to great referring site traffic.

Regardless of whether you are approaching original SEO link building from the standpoint of linkbait, video embeds offers, sweepstakes, photo contest, etc., this is indeed an initiative of the future. The right campaign can mean a big payoff for your online business.

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