How to Create an Email Subscription for your Blog Using Feedburner

Create an Email Subscription for your Blog Using Feedburner

Google’s Feedburner has become quite the success story in the realm of RSS feeds. Feedburner allows the blogger to customize subscription e-mails by altering the text and link color, font size, and the ability to insert the company logo. The best part, Feedburner provides you with a piece of code that you can add to the sidebar of your WordPress blog. This code will allow people to enter an email address and subscribe to your blogs updates, allowing new blog updates to be sent straight to their inbox. This is a straightforward way to add a marketing touch to your e-mails and completly automate the email delivery process from your blog.Feedburner

Normally, there are two subscription options, other than social media promotion, that bloggers are faced with when deciding on how to share their blog content. The first way is to have new blogs sent to subscribers via an RSS reader service such as Google Reader. The second option is to have these blogs sent directly to the subscriber’s inbox via email. The email option is really cool, and many people do not know about it, and that is the purpose of this post.

Briefly, this is how the feedburner email delivery works. Once a reader subscribes to an RSS Feed by entering their email address in the subscription field in your blogs sidebar they receive an e-mail message confirming their subscription. Normally, this subscription e-mail shows up as a generic black text on white background format, however, with the use of Feedburner this subscription e-mail can be customized to the blogger’s preference.

To go about doing this, begin by logging into your Feedburner Google account. Find and select the Blog RSS button. Next, locate the Publicize tab at the top of the page and click on it. On the left sidebar click on Email Subscription and then choose Communication Preferences. You are now able to change the format of your e-mail messages.

To insert your company logo, select the Email Branding option under Communication Preferences and paste your logo’s URL link in the space given.

In addition to giving your e-mails a more professional look by using this tool, you are also branding your messages. And this is vital when promoting any company. It is to your benefit that your subscribers become familiar with your company’s logo and color schemes. Even if your most recent blog does not deliver, which we are sure it will :), you will still walk away with more of their mindshare. And in the realm of marketing and advertising, isn’t that half the battle?

Have questions about adding a Feedburner email subscription box to your WordPress blog? Ask below!

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