Are COVID-19 Masks Our New Normal? Responsibly re-opening the economy Together!

COVID-19 Masks Designed by Levy Group


To our Friends, Families, Clients, Colleagues, and Blog Fans:
I hope you and your family remain safe during this COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to protect us all while preparing our communities, states, and country to safely and responsibly return to work and re-open our economy. These masks are a great way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our employees, friends, family, and clients.
Garry Grant CEO SEO Inc
Garry Grant / CEO

I am a resident in North County San Diego, and our company SEO Inc is a successful internet marketing company located in Carlsbad, CA, for over 24+ years. We simply want to help our community as we have a resource for supplying masks. Our goal was to start helping our clients and small businesses during the re-opening of communities, Businesses, and ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

I thought this might be of interest because “THESE” COVID-19 protecting MASKS can be branded with your company logo and color scheme. You may use them for marketing your company while protecting your employees and customers.

The “New Normal COVID-19 Masks” has been so well received not only by local businesses but broadening to other states in the US and Internationally. The Levy Group has the capacity at this time to deliver 2 Million masks per month.

The Levy Group and SEO, Inc. have partnered in the past and have the same vision to safely re-open our country. We are proud to once again partner with The Levy Group, a well-respected apparel Manufacturer.  Our goal is to establish a safe re-opening and do our part to help our fellow businesses, employees, clients, and companies.

The PDF illustrates in further detail, these masks cost $3.00/PC (customization and packing included) and can be washed and re-worn up to 30x. As a demonstration of relative value, this is $6 less than using thirty $.30 cent surgical masks.    

Furthermore, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice.
Please contact us at or

Information regarding our two companies:

SEO Inc:
Garry Grant, CEO of SEO, Inc is a veteran expert in search engine optimization and the digital marketing industry. With over 24+ years of experience, Garry has successfully built a multi-service operation at SEO, Inc., developing proprietary technologies through complex strategic solutions. He has extensive experience in critical initiatives and operational responsibilities grounded in information technology and performance management.

SEO Inc.’s impressive client success record has earned accolades as SEO Agency of the, Top San Diego SEO Agency for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. SEO Inc Voted as Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot List” for the Hottest Internet Property, Inc. 500 Honorary award for Fastest-Growing Private Company in America, and a top 50 Company in San Diego. Garry has also had interviews with The New York Times, Business News Daily, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Entrepreneur. Business 2 Community writer and The Huffington Post. Garry has also appeared on many TV networks, including MSNBC, Channel 8 San Diego, Chanel 5 San Diego, Channel 10, to name a few.

Keep us in mind when things get more stable regarding your Internet Marketing Initiatives.

The Levy Group:
The Levy Group is a highly respected apparel manufacturer that has partnered with the largest fashion brands in the world over the last 75 years. Chances are you have worn their product before without ever knowing it.   

In an effort to responsibly re-open our economy, The Levy Group has converted its product lines to develop and produce a reusable, comfortable, antimicrobial mask as an alternative to the sterile and unwelcoming surgical masks we are all too familiar with.  

Together we are partnering with many of the world’s leading retailers and franchises like Oxi-Fresh to help them re-open their doors with a conscious effort to be “safety first” for both their staff and customers.  

In addition to our existing partners, we would love to work with you to help safely restart operations in response to the virus.
Please contact us so we can responsibly re-open our economy together!

Contact me Garry Grant CEO, and I will personally connect you with Nick Levy who is handling sales and distribution of “The New Normal” COVID-19 Masks

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