While search engine optimized press releases haven’t been around as long as some older SEO techniques, they are still incredibly beneficial to an SEO campaign. Most of my clients are reluctant to use their press releases and often wonder why they even need them.

What I tell these clients is that benefits of search engine optimized press releases include being one of the quickest and easiest ways to start generating more backlinks, higher keyword rankings, visibility and traffic for your website.

And here’s why:


A properly optimized SEO press release will include your top keywords as well as links to your website. Once the SEO press release is distributed, it can get picked up by a wide range of news search engines, related web sites and channels including significant search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Each time your press release gets picked up, it is reproduced on that site along with all of your keywords and links. This generates a right amount of quality backlinks to your site that will increase the page rank and link popularity of your website (especially when the backlinks are from news sites with high page ranks of their own).

Online news search queries are generally more targeted than standard web searches. In other words, people searching for news related to your industry are more likely to search for the terms that are used in your press release, which gives you a better chance at increasing the ranking of your website for popular and competitive search terms.

More Visibility:

When your press release is distributed, it will be linked very quickly (news stories are more time sensitive), giving you early visibility on news sites, news searches, and standard search engines. Many news web sites also archive stories which can help to deliver long term link value, rankings, and visibility.

Increased Traffic to Your Website:

The more information you show that you know, the more trustworthy you become; well-written content will always add credibility to your website. When your press releases start appearing in Google news and Yahoo! news for your keywords, potential customers searching for your product or business will see that you are a credible source of information in your industry and that you can be trusted. Prospects with Google alerts for your keywords will automatically receive your press release in their inbox, which will generate additional interest and relevant traffic to your site as well.

SEO press releases can be a valuable addition to any SEO campaign, no matter what your industry. When you have something newsworthy to say, whether it’s the launch of a new product, a new partnership or anything else, why not take advantage of the benefits that an optimized press release can bring to your site?

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