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How to Change Application Photos on the New Facebook Business Timeline

How have you been doing with the new Facebook Business Timeline? Are you starting to get over that big hump in the learning curve? I am sure you are… Well, if you have arrived at this post through search engine optimization then you clearly have at least one more obstacle to overcome, that being, how to change an application photo on the new Facebook Business Timeline pages. In this post we will show you how to do just that.

How to Change Facebook Application Photos

Step 1: Navigate to your page and click the Admin Panel button.

Facebook Application Photo – Admin Panel

Step 2: Click Manage > Edit Page

Facebook Application Photo – Manage Page

Step 3: Click Apps and then click Edit Settings on the application you would like to change the photo for.

Facebook Application Photo – Edit Settings

Step 4: Click Change

Facebook Application Photo – Click Change

Step 5: Click Change and then simply choose a new file.

Facebook Application Photo – Upload Photo

Congrads! You now know how to change Facebook application photos on the new Business Page Timeline. Have more questions about social media marketing? Or simply want to get serious and start driving traffic and leads? Contact us today.

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