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Social media is where the conversations are happening. And your brand needs to be a part of those conversations. Social media management is how you can actively participate in and take advantage of the power of social media. We have put a wide range of topics, social media tips, and social media insights to help guide you with your social media strategy.

Meet Matthew, Our IT Assistant Matthew Merrell, a 19-year-old IT Assistant here at SEO Inc., is perseverant, intelligent, and extremely skilled with technology.  However, Matthew did not walk into his success without having to overcome numerous obstacles that would cause most people to give up on their dreams and aspirations in life.  Matthew was born...
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Introducing Instagram Video Instagram, the long time app of choice for fashionistas, foodies, and selfie-lovers, has officially announced new video capabilities. This major update to Instagram adds a new level of depth to the popular photo app, along with new filters, image stabilization, and Cinema Mode. Read on to find out more.
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New Instagram Badges Instagram recently made profiles public online. Before this, you could only access them via your good old Instagram application. Now that these profiles are public, there is something to link to! In the spirit of this, Instagram has just released a new badge to help brands promote their social profile on the...
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