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Are you considering Facebook as one of your Social Media Marketing Channels? We have created information relating to all aspects of how to integrate FaceBook into your Social Media Marketing Mix. These blogs are FaceBook how-to guides.

Facebook & Smart Lists Facebook recently devised a new way to outsmart the unassuming Facebook public with the addition of ‘smart lists’. As if subscribing to people you don’t know wasn’t enough of a Godsend, now being able to categorize your friends into classes and categories should be enough to keep you going. The way...
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How the Facebook Subscribe Button will Alter Facebook For a long, while I thought that Twitter would be the one taking cues from Facebook, however, the exact opposite has happened. With the new Facebook Subscribe button, Facebook has taken one great leap toward making Twitter obsolete. Maybe. Subscribe buttons work in much the same way...
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Facebook engagement statistics can be hard to come by. Recently, Constant Contact released a studying listing the latest engagement information on Facebook. The result is some fascinating information. This data provided by Constant Contact was taken from 1,491 consumers age 18 or older in the United States through an online panel conducted by Research Now....
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Facebook’s Privacy Controls Proactive changes Facebook made earlier this week provide users with better access to controlling their privacy settings on the largest social media site. Changes came as a result of intense criticism for previous privacy practices. Increasingly, users emphasize online privacy and security as a top priority. It is evident that too many...
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