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SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Our SEO category has information regarding optimization and the latest trends to help grow your SEO knowledge and increase your visibility.

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Every year, significant changes occur that seem to shake the SEO industry to its very foundations. 2016 was no different—throughout the year, we saw rising trends that went on to change the way we do SEO. Improving the user experience was a hot topic all year long, as was mobile-friendliness. And who can forget the...
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The Google algorithms—you know them, you fear them. Like a host of vengeful gods, the pantheon of Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird affect the SEO world with an often catastrophic impact. Whenever they happen to grace us with their presence, horror stories of lost rankings and penalties spread like famine and plague. Even the most Google-faithful...
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Compared to conversions, click through rates (CTR) don’t seem nearly as important. Clicks don’t make you any money—at least, not directly. However, if customers don’t click, they can’t convert. So click through actually ends up being really important to your overall business. No clicks = no conversions. If you haven’t been focusing on getting people...
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You’ve heard the horror stories. And if your website has received a Google penalty, it can be like a living nightmare. Google is continuously developing more sophisticated algorithms to make the Internet more organized and relevant. You need to know what to do if the worst should happen—and nothing is worse than a Google penalty....
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A Vital Lesson in Optimizing Content for Site Visitors So you’ve built a badass website. And you’ve prepped your landing page for all those sweet, sweet visitors who will get your business rocking. You’ve filled your pages with great keywords, so your site is sure to show high in the rankings. But you’ve checked the...
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You never want to appear too congratulatory, you know? Especially not on your own website. Sure, you can talk about your products until the cows come home on your product pages. And even on your blog, feel free to mention your awesome services from time to time. But say you were reading the blog for,...
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Why Not Knowing About rel= “next” and rel= “prev” vs. View All Could Hurt You Google is offering a new way to deal with paginated content on the web from an SEO best practices perspective. Previously many paginated pages would feature a rel=” canonical,” list pagination the meta title, or simply ignore the duplicate content errors in...
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