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Local SEO: The 5 C Approach

By: | August 24, 2010 | View: 4229

5 simple things you can do rank better for local search Local SEO has been a mystery for many traditional Search Engine Optimization experts over the years when compared with traditional SEO.  Local search results are rarely the same as organic results. There is, however, among local SEO experts some clear consensus on how businesses […]

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As Facebook continues to develop and grow, some discrepancies are becoming apparent between the available settings for Personal Profiles and Business Pages. The inconsistencies in the layout, customizability, etc. are particularly evident when trying to moderate the comments posted to your Business Page. Knowing how to control these profiles is vital from a social media […]

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Does Size Matter – in SEO?

By: | August 3, 2010 | View: 4299

The single most important and effective way to capitalize on the size of your website and build page authority is to have a large amount of quality inbound links to each of your pages. Therefore, a standing page with no inbound links will not be seen as authoritative in the eyes of the search engines and the extra pages or size will not help with rankings. On the other hand, when a page is being linked to by multiple Internet properties it will be seen as authoritative, increasing the size of your website with authoritative pages.

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Why do NoFollow Links Matter to SEO?

By: | July 30, 2010 | View: 10329

Why Implement NoFollow Links? 1. The popular search engine optimization nofollow HTML attribute is the solution to what many believed to be a huge problem in the blogging community. In early 2005, Google’s Matt Cutts and blogger Jason Shellen designed the rel=“nofollow” attribute to assume the responsibility of stopping spammy blog comments made primarily to […]

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Today Google formally announced on its blog that it has completed its launch of he new indexing system dubbed “caffeine”. Google originally announced the caffeine indexing infrastructure in August of 2009 and then launched a version of it on a single data-center later in the year. Today’s announcement makes it official that caffeine is live […]

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Think Outside the (Search) Box

By: | May 6, 2010 | View: 4509

Where are your ads showing? Are your pay per click campaigns made up of text ads that run only on the search networks? If so, you are probably missing out on a large portion of your target audience as part of your search engine optimization. Social Media Advertising is Here While search engine marketing fulfills […]

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