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Did you know that you can now convert your Facebook profile to a business page? This is an excellent new addition to Facebook. Learn how to convert your Facebook profile into a business page below. First, before we discuss how to convert your Facebook profile to a business page, what is the difference between a […]

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Google Announces Plus One (+1) Button!

By: | March 30, 2011 | View: 4190

Google releases the plus one (+1) button! That is right folks. Google  is out hitting the streets marketing their new Google Plus 1 (+1) Button. This button could have major implications on the SEO and social media marketing industry. Watch a Video on the Google +1 Button So what does this mean? Well, like other […]

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Robots.txt and SEO, What you Need to Know

By: | March 28, 2011 | View: 27706

Robots.txt files are one of the ways a SEO company may attempt to prevent certain pages from being indexed. For example, if someone would like to disallow the pages directory they would insert the following into their Robots.txt file. User-agent: * Disallow: /pages/ Sitemap: While this is one of the correct uses of the […]

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How an HTML Sitemap Can Improve your SEO

By: | March 7, 2011 | View: 8416

Many people consider HTML sitemaps as only being valuable from a usability perspective, regarding them as simply a means of helping people navigate back from lost corners of websites and frustrating 404 pages. HTML sitemaps do of course have implications from a navigational perspective, but they also provide an option to search engine optimization experts […]

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Tweets just became more important to lead generation and conversions! Yep, I said it. Now let me tell you why. Google is now intermixing social media share data with search results. This change will allow searchers to see what content their friends have shared surrounding specific search queries. But this is not limited to Twitter. […]

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How to Rank for Google Base Shopping Results

By: | January 19, 2011 | View: 8291

Google Base, aka Google Product/Shopping Results, provides shoppers with an easy way to find what they want and compare prices. And with the Shopping results often out-ranking the product’s own brand, it is obvious why getting your products listed here should be a top priority of all sites with product to sell.

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