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Not sure if your in-house pay per click department is giving you the ROI that you need as part of your search engine optimization? Well good news! Today I read that Google is replacing their Advertising Professionals exam with a new Adwords certification exam. This new program will “provides agencies with comprehensive, strategy-focused training and […]

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How to Run a Social Media Campaign

By: | April 2, 2010 | View: 5456

We love organic search engine optimization here at SEO Inc., but we’re also well known for our social media knowledge. Running a good social media campaign can be difficult. When you are learning how to run new social media campaign these are the things to keep in mind. How to Run a Social Media Campaign The […]

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How to Avoid the Google Caffeine Jitters

By: | April 2, 2010 | View: 3951

Recently Google began testing Google Caffeine within selected datacenters. It will be the most significant update to its ranking algorithm in the last five years. Caffeine will be a new upgraded version of the Google search engine results. A study of the changes reveals that Google Caffeine will place a greater emphasis on fresh content, […]

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Is Google AdWords Losing it’s Edge?

By: | March 25, 2010 | View: 4506

Let’s forget about organic search engine optimization for a moment and talk about Pay Per Click marketing. When you think Pay Per Click management, your mind probably thinks of the sponsored links on a Google search page. Mine does. After all, Google has been my preferred search engine for years now and my first online […]

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SEO Inc. has been known for premium search engine optimization for some time now, but we also have a very strong social media marketing department which offers a wide array of social integration as part of a wider internet marketing strategy. The Power of Email Marketing & Social Media Today, eMarketer released an article on combining the power of […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Google Trend Spamming

By: | August 27, 2009 | View: 4434 reports that Google is being spammed with searches for “white people stole my car”. The idea, as far as we can tell, is to inflate the Google Trends data to make “white people stole my car” seem like a suddenly popular term. Thus, luring people who use Google trends to the spyware-o-rific websites that […]

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