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Google has made several new additions to its Reviews Guidelines, focusing on local business reviews. The new guidelines discourage adding markup for reviews from third-party websites, stating that reviews may only come from the site itself. The new guidelines read as follows: Do not include reviews that are duplicate or similar reviews across many businesses...
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The local ranking factor Relevance helps users find your site by answering their search queries.
Google’s latest announcement shows the search engine’s continuing service for its mobile users: Google will remove the “Mobile-Friendly” label from mobile search results Google may lower rankings for sites with intrusive popups in January 2017 Both updates will help mobile users more easily reach the content they need. “Mobile-Friendly” Label to be Removed Google is...
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Understanding your Search Analytics reports just got a lot easier. Google has released a help document called “What are impressions, position, and clicks?” The report provides details on the three core metrics found in Search Analytics. Before, it was a guessing game for figuring out what recorded an impression, or what exactly counted as a...
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Google has released a preview feature that shows how AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will look on an entire search results page. The preview shows AMP pages interwoven with regular, non-AMP pages. The AMP pages are signified by a small lightning bolt symbol and the acronym “AMP” in grey font. If a page is available in a”mobile-friendly” format...
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Google has released three ad innovations today. First announced at the Google Performance Summit in May, these features are part of Google’s effort to deliver a more consumer- and marketer-friendly ad experience on mobile. Expanded Text Ads – Larger ad headlines and descriptions Responsive Ads – More consistent look across all devices Device Bidding –...
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Google Releases New Algorithm Now that we have your attention, please read the following information as it pertains to you. We at SEO Inc. want to go on the record and state that Google DID NOT RELEASE A NEW ALGORITHM code-named “Elephant.” We wanted to get your attention and alert you to the importance of what Google is...
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RIP:Google Authorship The ever-changing machine that is Google has changed another feature in its quest to make a smoother user experience. On the chopping block this time? Google authorship. As of yesterday, Google authorship tags no longer show up in search results. Most likely you’ve seen the authorship tag when looking something up on Google....
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SEO News: Goole Panda 4.0 So we all stay on our toes, in case you thought you were in the clear and could take a breath, Google has announced the rollout of its newest algorithm, Panda 4.0. While we all appreciate the cute names of these algorithms, the changes that come with these algorithms are...
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Pinterest’s Introduction to “Promoted Pins” Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, announced last night via email that the social media “pinboard” site will begin experimenting with “promoted pins” from a select group of businesses. Said Ben: Pinterest is where you keep your wishlists, vacation plans, dream home ideas, and other things you want to do soon...
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RIP AltaVista AltaVista, one of the internet’s first search engines, has died. It was launched in 1995, and officially began redirecting to Yahoo!’s own search engine on July 8, 2013. The search engine struggled for its later years, but in its heyday, received more than 80 million hits per day. The innovative search engine likely...
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