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Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as paid search is essential when it comes to advertising in the digital world. If your PPC campaigns aren’t optimized correctly, you could lose out on money and potential audiences. Keep up with PPC changes and the latest news. Read about PPC strategies,  tips and tricks and how to stay cost-effective.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional SEO Inc SEO Inc., a full-service Internet Marketing and search engine optimization agency, is proud to announce Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. Adding Bing Ads Accreditation to our list of certifications and honors is the latest in our efforts to be the leader in the search engine optimization industry. Though SEO’s...
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Google product listings ads are the new thing, especially now that Google product listings will no longer be free. There are two ways to build a Google product listing campaign; you can do it either through Merchant Center or through AdWords. Watch a Video on How to Create Google Product Listing Ads
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Interest Categories
Google Classification Google AdWords has a very useful targeting feature for delivering ads to users within its display network called interest categories. Interest categories are buckets of users who have been classified as interested in a category based on their browsing behavior. There are over a thousand of these categories and some 500 million users...
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Like SEO and social media marketing, things are always changing in pay per click management. Just ask our pay per click guru Jerrold Burke, that guy knows his stuff… Here are a few insights into pay per click management in 2012. 1. If the Keyword Quality Score is Low, Look for Solutions When you are...
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Google Search Ads Evolution in 2011 For most of Google’s history the search ad was relatively unchanged, but starting in late 2009 they began implementing additional extensions, formats and placements on the search page. 2011 turned out to be an incredibly busy time for these changes many of which provided immediate benefits for PPC  marketers. Let’s take a look back:...
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Facebook Advertising, VS. Google AdWords Last week Burkan Bur and I taught a class at UCSD on social media and SEO and online advertising. What was interesting was that during the online advertising session, the course latched on to the benefits of Facebook ads. And to be honest, they are right to do so. Social media advertising...
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