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What is Negative SEO Negative SEO involves using black hat SEO not to improve your own rankings, but to destroy the rankings of another site. It’s usually the result of an unhappy competitor, but that’s not always the case. Most people have no problem playing by the rules and supporting one another, but that doesn’t...
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Don’t forget to Upload Your Disavow File Uh oh. Of all the mistakes to make when moving your site from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS, forgetting to upload your disavow file is one of the biggest. Why’s that, exactly? Well, if you forget to upload you’re disavowing file to the new HTTPS site, all those...
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Is there anything worse than waking up one morning, doing some early AM searches for your primary keywords, and realizing that you are not ranking anywhere for any of your keywords? Just boom. PFT! You’re site is no where to be found. So you open up your Google Webmaster Tools and see that dreaded Manual Penalty...
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