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Google is one of the biggest names in the search engine world. Building your company’s content for Google is an important aspect of SEO. In addition, Google’s advertising platform, AdWords plays a large role in the marketing world. Learn all about the various benefits of Google Services and how to keep your content up to par with Google’s algorithm.

In SEO, it is the little tricks that matter, well most of the time. With this in mind, SEO Inc. is reporting on a new way to submit URLs to Google, straight from good old webmaster tools. Fetch as Googlebot URL Submission Do you know how there is the option in webmaster tools to fetch...
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Google Spam Report Update: White Hat SEO As many of you know, in the past, and still today, there have been many ways to trick search engines. One example of this would be the JC Penny paid link scandal. I won’t go into that in-depth on that episode, but the basic idea is that you...
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