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7 Local Search Optimization Tips for Bing Since Google maintains the largest market share, often, it’s easy to forget about the fact that other search engines exist. And while you do want to optimize for Google, sometimes, it’s easier to optimize for Bing. Honestly, the two appear to share many of the same ranking factors,...
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The 10 Microsoft Office Clip Art Images We’ll Miss the Most Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they will be closing up the Clip Art shop in favor of using Bing’s Image Search. It’s probably going to make presentations look a whole ton more legit, but come on, there was that certain charm that came...
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What You Don’t Know about Bing (But Totally Should) Admit it. When it comes to search, you don’t use anything other than Google for your fact-finding needs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but consider your options. Wait – did you even know you had options? If you know search engine optimization, you know...
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Bing Ads Accredited Professional SEO Inc SEO Inc., a full-service Internet Marketing and search engine optimization agency, is proud to announce Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. Adding Bing Ads Accreditation to our list of certifications and honors is the latest in our efforts to be the leader in the search engine optimization industry. Though SEO’s...
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Bing has been coming up in the search world for some time. A high ranking in Bing, like Google, can now make or break a business. And Bing has excellent results in many cases. But does Bing have a secret that they have not been sharing? According to recent news, they do. Bing is utilizing...
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I’ve been spending some time online lately doing a little Google vs. Bing detective work. By the way, I know that I sound cool when I say stuff like that… But anyway, in the process I’ve noticed a few things. One of those being exact match domains fair very well in Bing, but not so...
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Bing has launched a new version of their search engine complete with user interface and functionality changes, and boy is there a lot to talk about. There is so much to talk about and consider that I almost don’t even want to write this blog post, but it’s a duty. So let’s begin, and out...
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How Does Bing Adaptive Search Affect SEO? Adaptive search! Yes, that is right, Bing search results are now modified based on user interaction (they always kind of have been of course, but this is a whole new element in the process). Bing adaptive search will have implications for SEO. It can limit or enhance the...
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